Job Policy

Companies visit campus and select students as per their recruitment drive. When a student is finally selected by a company after all testing and interview rounds, the company may offer :

Full time job offer

The selected student will join company in June/July 2024 as full time employee.


Only B. Tech. students are eligible for 4-6 month internship. The student will join the company in January 2024 as an intern for a period of 4-6 months.

Placement Facilities

The institute has world class facilities to meet the needs of placement and its procedure. The placement process has always been congenial owing to the pre-requisites that are met by our institute which include:

  • World class auditorium with a seating capacity of 800+.
  • Fully furnished AC rooms.
  • Conference rooms with audio visual setups.
  • Well-equipped Computer labs.

Placement Procedure


Step 1

The Training and Placement Office, IIITA sends invitations alongwith Job Notification Form(JNF) to organizations to participate in the campus placements.


Step 2

Organization fills in the JNF containing details of the job offer (pay package, place of posting, allowances and other bonuses). JNF can be sent by email to Training and Placement Office, IIITA (


Step 3

The organization details alongwith job offer is made available to the students on a private group, requesting them to apply.


Step 4

Training and Placement Office, IIITA allots date(s) to an organization for campus placements. The organization confirms the date(s) to Training and Placement Office, IIITA.


Step 5

The list of the students who have applied is provided to the organization along with their Resumes.


Step 6

Organizations come to campus on the allotted date(s) and conduct tests and/or interviews as per their recruitment process.


Step 7

The organization is expected to furnish the list of selected candidates at the end of assigned interview slot, preferably on the day of campus visit.


Final Step

Training and Placement Office, IIITA also coordinates the signing of offer letter by students who have been selected to ensure that they reach the organization/company asap.

Placement Policy

Classification of Company

The classification of a company will based on the criteria of pay packages(CTC) and work profile. The two classes being:

  • First Round Company
  • Dream Round Company

Overall CTC of a company includes joining bonus and all other perks, if applicable. Eligibility for a dream round company for a student will be decided on the basis of overall CTC.

Job Offer for a student
  • If a student's name appears on the final shortlist declared after the Company's process through the Placement Cell, then that would be considered as a Job Offer to the student.
  • A student will be out of campus placement process only if he/she gets an offer from a Dream Round company.
  • Students getting a Job Offer from a First Round company are still eligible for further placements and only these students are allowed to upgrade to a Dream Round company.
  • PPO Offer and off-campus placements are also considered as Job Offer, hence the same policy is applicable to them.
Job Offer made by Company
  • The companies are requested to announce the result/ final shortlist on the day of campus visit.
  • The company should hand over the duly signed hard copy of the final selection list to the placement cell.
  • The company shall provide the offer letters to the Placement office and not directly to the students.
  • The purview of the Placement Cell is restricted only to the offers made as part of the campus placement process.
  • In case the company is unable to declare the result on the same day, then the student is allowed to participate in other companies until the result is declared. The final status will depend upon who declares the result first.