Student Life

Unsurprisingly the grounds on which an institute stands is determined by the expertise and erudition of its students who play paramount role in shaping its destiny. IIIT-A is fortunate to have students who not only conquer the mountains but are also pronounced in extra-curricular activities. Students’ life is engrossed in rich ventures and they have the potential as well as elbow room to showcase their talent on various undertakings. A host of activities ranging from inter-campus to national levels are organized and managed by the enlightened students of our institute.


A grand and ceremonial environment is witnessed during this 5 day- fest where students from various colleges participate in technical as well as cultural competitions. A plethora of competitions for variegated students are compiled diverging from coding competitions, robotics workshops, hacking workshops to appealing art. Eminent and distinguished artists pave their way to embellish this grand occasion.


Undeniable persistent and laborious work by the IIITA clubs throughout the year has helped the students to claim their benchmark in various fields. A total of 8 clubs behold various activities which embrace Literary, Sports, Drama, Music, Technical, Management, audio lights and Dance clubs that help to garner and bare the concealed virtuosities of students. A sheer package of film-making, arts, sports, literature is evident from the news and activities that are broadcasted.


An organization which erected to help impecunious children who can barely even manage a single day’s meal. The organization is a great initiative by the students and this has certainly helped many desultory people to map their track for future as well as relish their monotonous life with a small ray of hope.


The most effective student body of IIITA which takes care of mix-up. The overseer of apex campus activities, managed by extraordinary managerial skills of our students who have established themselves as the students’ representatives.


IIITA has excellent infrastructure for various recreational, training and competitive activities, round the year in various sports and games. The annual sports meet is a platform to provide a rich exposure to nurture the sportsmanship in the young growing minds and to indulge them in various physical activities.

Workshops, Conferences

International and IEEE Conferences have become a part and parcel of IIITA. Many eminent and honorable professors round the world aggregate to dispense their valuable knowledge. Students are exposed to cutting edge research with the successful betiding of conferences on Wireless Sensor Networks, and ARM Microcontrollers by ARM, IEEE Conferences etc. Diverse range of papers, tutorials, exhibitions are deployed to enhance learning skills of the coming future.

Student Ambassadors

The young innovative minds have always brought the institute to international prominence. Student Ambassador Programs of top notch IT firms like Google, Mozilla are held every year and this has turned out to be lucrative with IIITA bagging the student ambassador award from Google as well as Mozilla.